Chin up

Good morning lovely people,

It’s another glorious day here in Farnham, Surrey. 
I sometimes can’t believe that I live in such a beautiful town.
I have to admit that when I woke up this morning I had to push a bit harder to get myself out of bed. It’s been one of those mornings when the missing of one’s family feels overwhelming. I’ve not seen my parents in person for over a year and my brother and his beautiful wife for over 3. 
My brother and myself shouldn’t talk politics or religion lol But despite our big differences the love always remains.

There’s something about being in the presence of my mother and father. The way my mom looks at me, the way her face lights up when I walk her way, the way she does everything for me with so much love. And how she encourages me to never give up on my dreams. 
Sitting up late talking about whatever. Laughing, just being.

My Dad wakes up the same every day (and that’s no exaggeration) He loudly says morning son with the biggest smile on his face, opens the front door and proclaims what a beautiful day it is whether there’s a storm outside or not.
He’s a quiet man. This pillar of strength. 

This week I found myself fighting against a lot of those emotions and questions we all have about our lives. If this didn’t happen or that didn’t happen in my life then maybe I could’ve or this or that would’ve been different. But there’s no point in that. Because this is my life’s journey. And I find that when I silence my mind I find my inner peace. Instead of the constant conversations in my mind. Trusting one’s journey. But yes today I miss my mother’s touch and my dad’s presence.

So this is my face before I attempted the hill during my morning run. Bed hair and all. Looking a bit rough I have to say. And in a way it describes how one feels whenever that emotion comes over you that you find overwhelming. But then once you get to the top of that hill you are filled with exhilaration and a sense of achievement. You’ve done it! Despite feeling like you couldn’t. So this is also why I find exercise and photography to be a constant in my life. Both carry me through challenging times. And through that I see the beauty of life. Like these flowers and the beautiful rays of light folding all around it. Just glorious!

They say we teach best what we need to learn most. And maybe that’s why some of my written posts might come across the same (I don’t know). But I know that I’ve made the following a part of my life (at times I fail at it) Comparison is the thief of joy. For example the moment I compare my journey to a photographer who has already made it to the top of their game I take something away from myself. And I don’t want to do that because I know how hard I’ve worked.

So even though there has been a few hurdles lately alongside many others in the same boat I have to keep my chin up and run up that hill to see the wondrous beauty in every day. Because there is always something beautiful in every day.

Best wishes for a lovely day All x

Love you and Dad very much xx

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