Gentle touch

Here it is… my first outtake from my shoot with Lee Paton for his Enchanting Equus fashion shoot. I could’ve chosen one of the stunning images of Lucy our beautiful model (which I will share very soon) but there’s just something about this moment and photo that I love. The gentle touch of Lee, theContinue reading “Gentle touch”

Proud uncle’

Proud uncle’ James alert! Not gonna lie I felt quite emotional meeting this little heartbreaker today. Meet little Tony everyone 🙂Congratulations once again Nataliya Ilieva and Georgi Dyankov To say I’m happy for you both is an understatement. Lots of love, Uncle’ James 😉Helping you tell your story without saying a word

A mother’s worth

There is no way to measure a mother’s worthThe depths of her love and her gentle care The bond she has with her children from birthNo gift or treasure can ever compareHer words that become engraved in her children’s mindStart as only seeds planted in the fertile soilBut they take root so the right path theyContinue reading “A mother’s worth”

Motivation during challenging times

So I’m not even going to pretend otherwise but these past few weeks I’ve been lacking motivation to exercise and at times have opted going for a walk instead 🙂 Learning how to make frames and canvasses at night has left me feeling a bit meh the next day. So I feel a bit out of shape. ButContinue reading “Motivation during challenging times”

A whoop whoop day!

Yesterday was definitely a whoop whoop day! Or more like a Wooha! Packed a picnic basket, drove to a beach, swam in the sea and stayed around till sunset. After a bit of a challenging week it was simply wonderful to just be like a child, carefree… Enjoying the rays of sunshine, smelling the saltwaterContinue reading “A whoop whoop day!”

Love is love

his piece I’m about to share has been pressing on my heart lately. And everywhere I turn there are these little nudges from the universe reminding me and making me feel like I have to write this. I write this for the little boy I was, the teenager and then the man I’ve become. ButContinue reading “Love is love”