Dad doesn’t do Facebook or social media but I thought I’d do this pots anyway. Dad never really cares much about fathers day or birthdays. When I spoke to him earlier today to wish him a lovely fathers day his reply was: Son every day is Father’s Day to me 🙂

And that pretty much sums up my dad. My dad doesn’t get affected by what goes on in the world. Instead he will always see the positives in things. Dad came out of a broken home. His mom sadly took her own life after his sister did. And even though dad never showed much emotion in a physical way growing up he was always kind and gentle and a solid rock through difficult times.
The first time I saw my dad cry was the day my little brother died. And since that day the father son bond between us just became stronger. And dad also became more tactile in showing his love to us two boys and mom.

Dad is always the same. Wakes up with a song in his heart, proclaims loudly what a beautiful day with his loud, strong voice even if it’s a rainy, grey day. Even amidst our darkest moments as a family he will not speak words of negativity or gloom. Rather of gratitude and joy.

When I came out to my parents he didn’t say much for quite some time. Then one day as friends were reversing out of their driveway and mom was still speaking to them he turned to me and said: ‘Son I just want you to know that I love and accept you just as you are regardless of that thing. I turned to him and said: That thing? He said yeah that thing. I started laughing and said: Oh you mean me being gay? He looked down and smiled and said yeah and then gave me a hug. He told me how proud he is of me.Needless to say nothing more had to be said.

So my dad is not much of a talker. More of a peacemaker. A pilar of strength. A man of his word and honour who cares about those in need alongside my vibrant, bubbly Mom.
And what a team they are. When I think of them I think anything is possible as they overcame so many hardships in their life. I am very blessed to call them my parents. This one is for you Daddy. I love you very much.

James xxx

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