Gotta keep going

Gotta keep going. Felt a bit shaky after the news of the farm attack on my parents in which one of the suspects were declared dead on the scene. Thank you dear Helen Dyne for the amazing backdrop for this shoot. The results look incredible and it was a great escape for me mentally as I love what I do so much. A nice cuppa and a lovely ham sandwich also made me feel very loved. 

A big thank you to all those who have shared their love and support. Mom is crying a lot and her and dad are both still very shaken. Mom was very brave in vending off the attackers by protecting my father. It still feels so unreal.

Just a thought to those who felt uncomfortable with my post this morning sharing the news about my parents. It’s sad that some have the time to criticise my photos or to point out whether I’m wearing a mask in a social distanced setting in previous posts and yet because it doesn’t fit your narrative of what you feel is happening in South Africa or the world you can’t get yourself to care enough. Well ask yourself a few questions. Have you lost several family members and friends to hate crime recently? Has your brother been stripped to his underwear and robbed and the gun failed when they tried to shoot him? Have you had a FaceTime video call where the first face you see is that of a policeman and not your parents? Or tried talking to your mom but she literally can’t utter a word from crying so much? Do you go to bed at night not worried about whether you’ll see the next day or the face of your family? Well then you’re one of the lucky ones. Because the situation in South Africa is a very real one. But mainstream media chooses to look the other way because it doesn’t fit their narative.

Whether your parents are black, mixed race, white, my heart would be utterly broken for you if anything happened to them. So maybe get off your social media judgement box or step out of your own narrative for a moment and think about the word Love. Because true love is unconditional.

I hope this message comes over in the right way as I’m a big believer that we are responsible for the energy we put out there in the world. And I would hate to think that I’m putting out anything negative. But for those who feel a need to judge me, it’s easy, just unfollow me and focus your attention on something else. No judgement or hard feelings from my side. Each to his own, we’re all different.

Much love to you all and many thanks for everything.

James Muller x

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